How Do You Stack Up Against Your Competition?
Imagine a department was on the fence about you. Was there something you could've done to tip things your way?

Academy Spots Are Limited....
Not Everyone Will Get to be called a recruit officer
Getting hired into law enforcement is not like applying to other jobs! It's complicated, time consuming and whether you realize it or not; it's up to you, to show an agency, why you deserve a chance to be called a Recruit Officer, Deputy or Trooper.

There are people who think this career would be fun, and they just want to give it a try. They won't be successful. Departments don't want someone who is just curious, and the hiring process is geared to  screen them out. 

You're reading this, which means you aren't lazy. You are looking for steps to be the best applicant you can, you're willing to educate yourself, do the work and understand what will be asked of you so can step-up and stand-out!

Other resources talk about one aspect of hiring, maybe just the written exam, or the oral board. This is the equivalent of trying to make a cake and only learning how to crack and egg and measure flour. It just won't work! You need to know all the different steps of making the batter, and what do if you need to substitute an ingredient or adjust the baking temperature or duration for higher elevations. The same goes for getting hired into law enforcement. 

The things you read before didn't give you the full playbook, and without that you can't be successful!
You Aren't Perfect... You're Human
Not only do you have to understand the different steps of a hiring process, you also need to show an agency who you are. You will need to show them your strengths and why you would be an asset. 

However, you also need to address some of the not so great things that you did in your past!
You can't go through life without some bumps along the way!
Growing up is challenging. You often just try to do the best you can at the time, and sometimes you won't realize the impact certain actions will have on you down the road. Obviously there are some situations that will keep you from entering this career and you may need to look at something different. Others won't keep you out, but you will need to provide some additional insight.

The best time to prepare is before you enter the application process. If you're already in a process, it's not too late, you just need to get focused!
Most people don't have the luxury of applying with several departments over a few years. You have a finite window to get hired and don't have the money to spend on a bunch of different guides to help you figure out what to do next.

Entering Law Enforcement is not just want you want to do, it's a part of who you are!
When I was looking at departments, I was working for a corporation, in a job that I knew was not going to be a career for me. Adding to my frustration was that I needed to get my life squared away in preparation for getting married. I not only need to be in a position that I could support my soon to be wife and all that we dreamed of doing together. I had to find something that I could be proud of, and that she would be proud of me doing as well! No pressure right?

I wanted to be in law enforcement...I just needed to figure out how!!
I did....Now I'm a Sergeant and in the 15th year with my department! 
I got lucky in getting hired on my first try. I know officers that had to apply multiple times, but eventually got hired. I know officers that went through the process without help, or just by talking with recruiters. After serving in patrol, training in special units, serving as a public information officer for the Chief's Office, going through detective training and getting promoted to Sergeant, I learned and understood things from a perspective that made me more effective to my department.

However, being a recruiter for my department was the biggest thing that got me a view behind the tape of law enforcement hiring!

The most fulfilling moment for me as a recruiter was when the men and women I'd worked with stood before their husband, wives, brothers, sisters and parents and got their BADGE pinned onto their uniform. These were people that I became to know form the beginning, and I wanted them to succeed!

As a sergeant, I became to know the type of men and women that I wanted on my team, those that I could count on during the most critical times. I learned who I need next to me when things didn't go as planned. 

I want those people wearing the badge of my department. I want those people wearing the badges in departments across the nation. I want those men and women to be the face of law enforcement and carry out our mission of having safe neighborhoods in our community!
Don't Leave Your Future Up To Luck!
Too many people approach law enforcement hiring in a haphazard way! In fact, look how people apply to colleges or pursue careers. They are very dedicated to the requirements of that field, obtaining certifications, participating in internships and related career experiences for the job they are trying to get. They do all this even without a guarantee of getting a position with a certain company.

Why then, would you take a half-hearted steps to getting hired with a department.

This happens everyday! However, people that go above and beyond and prepare themselves like they would if becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or getting accepted to the Air Force/Naval Academy will blow their competition out of the water. Not only that, they will have agencies doing whatever they can to get that applicant to wear their badge!

You have a choice... will you approach becoming a police officer as if you were applying to some big box store, or prove yourself to be one of the elite few who get the honor and pride in wearing a badge?

The day I stood in front of my wife, dad, and best friends to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant!

Hello, I'm Eranda, aka "Skip"
I'm a Colorado native, and I love this state! It's a great place to work, have a family and take advantage of everything the state has to offer.

I entered into law enforcement in 2004, and have been very fortunate to work with amazing men and women in my agency, and other departments.

As a sergeant, I have had the privilege of working with officers who do tremendous things everyday. We've done amazing things to help people in crisis to get the help they need and add stability in their lives. We have also held the line and taken into custody those who would take from others or even victimize others as sexual predators. 

Knowing what we do, I applaud those who consider taking on this burden and protecting our way of life.In return, I want those who desire to enter law enforcement get their chase to wear the badge.

To someday, stand with me as a Brother or Sister in Blue.

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Wore The Badge?
Imagine job where you were entrusted to make decisions. Where you are not left alone, or left to hang on a project without help form your co-workers. A place where because of the shared experiences you learned to trust the person next to you. Where the friendship of co-workers expanded to family friends, and continued outside of your shift. 

Imagine a job where when you came home, and you didn't talk to your spouse or significant other about emails, and deadlines, but about a crisis you intervened in. The difference you made to someone who was traumatized. Imagine telling them that what you did, helped bring justice to a victim? Imagine coming home feeling fulfilled rather than worn out by redundancy.

What would your life look like, when the job that you enjoyed allowed you to provide for your family. Being comfortable knowing that your job was not always in jeopardy, and that you could buy things that you couldn't in a minimum wage job. Imagine being able take your family on vacations and truly enjoy the best that this life has to offer.

Imagine not only the faith that your family has in you because of what you do for society, but also the faith they show in their eyes, because of what you do for them!

What would you do to achieve this life as quickly as possible, without wasting your time and money?
Take the Steps so you can say 
"I earned My Badge!!"
Learn how to identify your skills, develop new ones and gain the experiences that you can use in your oral boards and also to narrow down the list of departments to your Top Dream Agencies!
What's in Your Workbook! 
Strengths Workbook- Book 1
This book gives you perspective developed from a recruiter who interacted with thousands of applicants. Questions will be asked which will make you truthfully asses your strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, you will get worksheets that will help you critically analyze your ride-alongs for use in oral boards, and comparing which agency fits your skills and personality.

You can try and figure this out on your own over time, or you can dive right in and make the most of your interactions with the department you want to get hired with!

You can wait for the next job fair...which might be months away to just get a few minutes with a recruiter; or you can launch your start into becoming the applicant that departments are hopping will apply with them!
The Decision is Yours
You are today because of the actions and decisions of the past. The actions, decisions and work you do today will dictate what tomorrow will look like. What will your story be?
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